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Raw Milk - The Creative Business Podcast about social media, marketing, branding, blogging

Dec 18, 2018

Many aspiring creative business owners wonder how not only to sell their products and services online, but how to find their customers (and keep them!) Running an online business can be especially challenging for building a loyal customer base that believes in what you're doing, since it's all living in a digital landscape. But if you ask Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan, the internet has provided a previously unimaginable opportunity to grow a brand online that has both a thriving digital and in-person community of supporters.

Jenna and Cary are the cofounders of Ace & Jig, a collection of timeless women’s fashion made from yarn-dye, woven fabric. The pair met as fashion interns in New York City and bonded over a shared love of antique textiles. Their friendship grew as they discovered common values around what a company culture should look like, and in 2009, Ace & Jig was born. Jenna & Cary walk their talk, producing zero textile waste, employing an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, and giving back to the causes they care about.

Today, Jenna and Cary join me to discuss how their aesthetic and ethical alignment lends to their success as business partners. Jenna explains how they built their team out of necessity, focusing on fit as opposed to skill set and experience, and Cary shares the organic process they use to create original pieces that mirror their values. I ask Jenna and Cary about their grassroots approach to marketing, and they describe the storytelling strategy that helped them build a thriving community around the Ace & Jig brand. Listen in for insight around their ‘do your best’ approach to work-life balance—and learn how Jenna and Cary stay true to their values AND work towards growing their community, team, and brand.

What You’ll Learn

How Jenna & Cary’s friendship became a business partnership

How Jenna & Cary maintain their values yet continue to grow

Why the Ace & Jig Community is so important to the brand

Ace & Jig’s grassroots marketing strategy around storytelling

How Jenna & Cary leverage email blasts and Instagram

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