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Raw Milk - The Creative Business Podcast about social media, marketing, branding, blogging

Jan 10, 2019

When you build a brand based around your life, how do you know when work ends and life begins, or vice-versa? Does it mean your always working, or is there a way to stay intentional in your life and approach your commitment to business in a healthy way? Listen in as Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something shares her approach to balancing work and life as a mom of three.

Rebecca Gallop is the blogger, prop stylist and creative director behind A Daily Something, a lifestyle destination where she shares the daily somethings that make life beautiful, including home décor, entertaining, recipes, personal style and ‘life with littles.’ Rebecca’s work has been featured in Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart Living and Camille Styles, among many other platforms, and she has collaborated with a number of national brands including Anthropologie, West Elm and Madewell. Through the events arm of her business, A Daily Gathering, Rebecca hosts workshops, seasonal dinners and creative retreats with the intention of bringing people together in a community of giving.

Today, Rebecca joins me to explain how A Daily Something evolved from a simple creative outlet to full-fledged creative business. She shares her ongoing intention to help people find the joy and beauty in daily life and the tricky balance of running a lifestyle brand that is an extension of your life. Rebecca discusses the four revenue streams that make A Daily Something a lucrative business, describing her recent expansion to include an affiliate shop and online course on the art of gathering. I ask Rebecca how she maintains a healthy relationship with social media, and she shares the reality of the chaos ‘just beyond the frame.’ Listen in for Rebecca’s insight on the role of vulnerability in achieving business success and learn how to stop hiding and just start the creative project of your dreams!

What You’ll Learn

Rebecca’s intention to help people find joy and beauty in daily life

How A Daily Something evolved from creative outlet to business

The benefit to a lifestyle brand that changes with your situation

The disadvantage of a brand that is an extension of your life

Why Rebecca is creating an online course on the art of gathering


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